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18 December, 2011

My 13 yr old sister getting a try at her artistical side, btw thats me and my little treasure Barney Stinson.

All of these photos were taken during the invasion of Art - Art Basel, my intentions were to deliver them to you last Sunday but it’s been a crazy few weeks for me; Either way, I know I always enjoy looking back at eventful weekends. I was not able to make any of the Art Basel events (I know hard to believe), but I had family in town for the only a weekend and we just quite didn't make it to any events even though we were a few steps away at Lincoln Road Mall, bummer. But it didn't hold me back from capturing at least some form of art. Behind me in the first photo is graffiti art behind Baru Urbano, but you can find graffiti art all over Wynwood. There is something edgy and rebellious about graffiti yet it has become widely acceptable, and I think that’s what draws me more to it. The Rest of the photos were taken at Lincoln Road Mall, where every Sunday you can find vintage items, spices, fresh food, produce and more. I want to go back to try those empanadas!
 A display of inflatable art at Bayside Marketplace

refreshing Star Fruit before our brunch

Christmas tree with lovely little gifts - aren't those bags so charming?! 

my favorite - vintage cameras 

I wanted to take a basket and run!


  1. Your doggie is so cute! and is his name from the character from How I Met Your Mother?

  2. Thank you! and yes he is named after the awesome Barney Stinson! ;)

  3. Thank you for your kind words Lucija, your blog is pretty cool as well!

    thanks for the support!


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