| Free Printables | Valentine's Day Cards

06 February, 2015

This is my debut of many more to come, I wanted to add a different dimension to the blog that will add more fun and glitter to it and here it is - Free printables was the answer. What is better then to get free fun stuff? I love when I go to another blog and I can do the same, so I wanted to give that to you guys. Hope you enjoy these fun Valentine's Day cards, which are reminiscent of the cards that we used to get and give when we were kids.

| What You'll Need |

8.5" x 11" Cardstock paper
 (but you can use regular paper as well)
Scissors or X acto Knife
Color Pens (optional)

| Valentine's Card Download |

The cards can also be used to place on chocolate bars, wrapped gifts, goodie bag tags and more. Just be creative and have fun with them.

Would love to know what you think of them, how you plan to use them and if you do use them, please tag me in social media and use hashtag #csxevalentines or #csxefreeprintables.

Part IIII x Final | CHIC Travels | Brussels

03 February, 2015

Roaming around the gorgeous Parc Royale, also known as Parc de Bruxelles and Brussels Park. Something that I truly love about European cities are there parks, some of them run for miles and own some of the most beautiful landscapes. Almost in every city we've been to here in Europe, we always find ourselves walking through a park, they are just too amazing to avoid. 

While in the park we let out little monster (as we call him) Barney Stinson run wild, and as you can see, he really enjoyed his free range roaming.

Upon running into this vintage looking iron cast bandstand, I almost sprint to it because it was just so pretty, it reminded me of one of my favorite rides...carousels. So naturally I had to take photos of it, because it had to be photographed with me in it of course. 

We ran into another Christmas Market, this one was a bit smaller but still with lots of charm close to the Galeries Royales St. Hubert. 

Galeries Royales St. Hubert is the first passage shopping mall in the world and the predecessor to the shopping malls we know today, pretty cool huh? the architecture of the mall is marvelous, grand and royal and during the holiday season it is dressed with enchanting decor. It has a few chocolate stores, and is a must on Belgium Chocolate tours, so you mustn't miss it. It also has a few cafes you can unwind in after a few hours of walking, we had a late breakfast at one of their cafes, Le Pain Quotidien, famous for their fresh bread,

This was the day we had to return to the hotel, as snow began to fall. Although it cut our touring session short, it made for a magical experience in our hotel, more so because we had a terrace balcony with nice views of the city. I, of course was so giddy, this was officially my first time seeing snow fall that much in which settled on the ground. Funny that I do not like cold weather too much but I do love to watch snow fall, I find it so soothing and breathtaking. 

Barney also seemed to enjoy the snow, as I caught him glancing for long periods of time out through the windows. 

Hope you enjoyed all four of my Brussels stories, if you didn't catch the previous three, see them HERE, HERE x HERE.

| CHIC Eats | Mantis Bar & Grill

30 January, 2015

My husband is a burger lover, his ultimate goal in life (ok, maybe not ultimate goal, but close) is to find the best burger where ever he goes. Ever since we have been in Frankfurt, we have had a hard time finding a burger joint we can be satisfied with, more so him then I, burgers are not up to par here as they are in the states. In Miami we had a few places where we enjoyed a good ol' burger. Before we found Mantis, we had been to a couple places in hopes we will find the burger, we felt short most of the time and the other times, only satisfying us to fill the crave but nothing spectacular. Since some of our friends know the love of burgers the hubby has, they are always on the look out for us and one day our friend Sandy from Madly Addictive, suggested we try this place, she said that the burgers were pretty good. We had walked by this bar so many times before and we always said to each other that we had to try it one day, but it wasn't until Sandy mentioned it that it really sparked our interest. 

Well, needless to say it has become our favorite spot not only for their very delicious and as-close-as-it-can-get to American burgers. But not only do they have awesome burgers, they make the best of what has now become my signature cocktail, the Dark x Stormy. Every where I go, I have to have a Dark x Stormy and so far, this is the best I have had. If you haven't tried this rich cocktail, I suggest you do.

What is your favorite burger joint? would love to know.