Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Red Raspberry

Let's talk comfort, nothing I love more than clothes that can provide me two things, and that is comfort and chicness. With those two things, I really think us women can rule the world (wink), I mean it, think about the many times you were just so tired and all you wanted was to wear your yoga pants or sweatpants and an old tshirt, I know I have. But these days designers are understanding the complex needs of a working woman/mom/wife/girlfriend etc. and so they have opened up the world of comfort chic to all of us, making it the more acceptable and even more desirable to find pieces that marry those two concepts. I raise my hand, as I am one to buy pieces as such because I always believe a woman should look put together even if it is at their most comfortable state (that includes the disheveled chic look I also love). 

Do you love comfort chic?

|WEARING| Zara Sweatshirt, Jeans x Bag, H&M Mirrored Sunnies, Kenneth Jay Lane Ram's Head Cuff worn as a necklace (via Gilt), Nike Blazer Mid White Leather Sneakers

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Rub Against the Grain

Another weekend outfit with a pair of pants I got on sale at Zara a few weeks back, I love the texture and look of the pants, they are one of those that can be dressed up or down and are very comfortable. This weekend the weather in Frankfurt was pretty amazing, sunny and not to hot and not too cold (which is about the temperature I love). This week though it's been kind of cold so we had to resort to our coats again, which I was not to fond to do, I was so happy to shed the layers (sad face). 

What piece in your closet is one that provides you comfort but can be dressed up or down?

|WEARING| Zara Jumper (old) x Pants (similar), A.J. Morgan Sunnies, Vintage Orange and Brass Beaded Necklace via C. Madeleine'sJewelMint Tassel Necklace, Mia Shoes Espadrilles Flats

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

| Chic Eats | Pi Son Korean Restaurant

| ABOVE | We started with Pa-Jeon a Korean style pancake full of kimchi and pork | BELOW | My own dish was Bi-Bim-Bop a beef and mixed vegetable rice bowl that just makes you feel all warm inside. My friend Wan had Kim-Chi Chi-Gae a fermented cabbage soup that was so delicious. 
| ABOVE | We ordered a few small plates known as Banchan to share during the main courses to make our experience that much more delightful. Some of the dishes include, Kim-Chi (fermented Cabbage), Kong-Na-Mul (Soybean Sprout Salad) and O-I Mu-Chim (Spicy Cucumber Salad). Banchan is a most try when visiting a Korean Restaurant. | BELOW | The hubby had Jae-Yook (Kim-Chi) Bo-Kum a spicy pork and kimchi stir-fry dish that was actually my favorite at of all the dishes we had. Our other friends had the Bul-Go-Gi a marinated beef that gets to cook in front of you, pretty cool. 
Korean cuisine originated from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions (dating back 8000 to 1500 BCE) but has evolved through out time, influenced by social and political changes. Their staples are rice, vegetables and meats but ingredients vary by province. Most popularly known for their small dishes, as mentioned earlier because of the extensive variety. Now Korean cuisine has gone mainstream and the number of fans have increased, making it more accessible to the western world, and here is where I fit in, because in all honesty, this Chic Eats experience was so divine I left skipping like a child with a cotton candy. Korean food is at the top of my list, the flavors are aromatic and provide a variety of textures and layers that it will make you feel so happy inside. If you ever find yourself in a rot, because you are tired of eating the same thing, go out of your comfort zone and look up a Korean restaurant near your area. I will actually be going back to Pi Son this week and I can't hold my excitement, it's going to be sensational.