Part III x Final | CHIC Travels | Girls Trip to Italy | Florence

23 June, 2015

The Gucci Museo was a pretty fun stop, the collection is not as extensive as I would have wanted, but is still a fun quick stop to make, especially for those who love the history of fashion.

Hands down the best orange juice I will ever have, comes from Tarocco blood orange, and is native to Italy. 

Rows and rows of gelato, my eyes sparkled more then ever before.

Cutest little shops are in every corner.

One of my top moments I captured in Florence, I don't know but I love everything about this photo, so chic.

The yummiest hot chocolate I've tried, better than the one I tried in Paris.

So this concludes the Girls Trip to Italy | Florence. Hope you have enjoyed all the photos I captured in Part I x Part II and this one.

Ruffled Denim

18 June, 2015

It's crazy how time can move so fast, concept of time for me has changed so much as an adult and I have to say, I have never felt more lost with time. What seemed like yesterday, in reality it was two months ago or worst a year ago. Life is for me is moving so quickly, I am having a difficult time adjusting to it, not in a negative way, more in the sense of organizing things better, like the blog. It's been hard lately to post as frequently as I would like to, because so many things are happening simultaneous, which creates distraction and I can easily get distracted. Hoping that I can get a better grip of things so that I can be more frequent here. Is this something that you go through? please tell me I am not the only one?

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Part II | CHIC Travel | Girls Trip to Italy | Florence

15 June, 2015

Snapping a selfie whilst on a gorgeous horse carriage ride through Florence. 

Street artists doing there thang.

Love snapping photos of my friends or my husband while they are not looking, only because I like the natural feel of photographs, they capture moments that other wise would feel staged or forced.

Walking through the streets of an Italian city is the most charming experience, you discover interesting features or items just perfectly placed to give it that charm that we all look for when in Italy.

My eyes twinkled every time I saw a Pizza shop, because it's my favorite food of all time.

The Florence Leather Market, not to be missed. I will be honest, it wasn't as good as I imagined, perhaps times have changed but you still get to find pretty good bags and leather goods in some of the shops. | TIP | always negotiate price, I never pay the asking price in markets like these.

I don't know about you but I have always and will forever be a fan of carousels, I think it's the nostalgic feel that they give off that attracts me so much. This one was no exception and I was able to capture the glory of it at nightfall, for that enchanting look.

As always, hope you enjoyed Part II of a Girls Trip to Italy | Florence. In case you missed it, see Part I HERE. Part III to follow this week.