Wednesday, April 16, 2014

| Chic Eats | Pi Son Korean Restaurant

| ABOVE | We started with Pa-Jeon a Korean style pancake full of kimchi and pork | BELOW | My own dish was Bi-Bim-Bop a beef and mixed vegetable rice bowl that just makes you feel all warm inside. My friend Wan had Kim-Chi Chi-Gae a fermented cabbage soup that was so delicious. 
| ABOVE | We ordered a few small plates known as Banchan to share during the main courses to make our experience that much more delightful. Some of the dishes include, Kim-Chi (fermented Cabbage), Kong-Na-Mul (Soybean Sprout Salad) and O-I Mu-Chim (Spicy Cucumber Salad). Banchan is a most try when visiting a Korean Restaurant. | BELOW | The hubby had Jae-Yook (Kim-Chi) Bo-Kum a spicy pork and kimchi stir-fry dish that was actually my favorite at of all the dishes we had. Our other friends had the Bul-Go-Gi a marinated beef that gets to cook in front of you, pretty cool. 
Korean cuisine originated from ancient agricultural and nomadic traditions (dating back 8000 to 1500 BCE) but has evolved through out time, influenced by social and political changes. Their staples are rice, vegetables and meats but ingredients vary by province. Most popularly known for their small dishes, as mentioned earlier because of the extensive variety. Now Korean cuisine has gone mainstream and the number of fans have increased, making it more accessible to the western world, and here is where I fit in, because in all honesty, this Chic Eats experience was so divine I left skipping like a child with a cotton candy. Korean food is at the top of my list, the flavors are aromatic and provide a variety of textures and layers that it will make you feel so happy inside. If you ever find yourself in a rot, because you are tired of eating the same thing, go out of your comfort zone and look up a Korean restaurant near your area. I will actually be going back to Pi Son this week and I can't hold my excitement, it's going to be sensational. 

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Cowboy in Deutschland

This was one of my weekend outfits, now that the temperatures have warmed up, I get to loose the coats and stick to lighter jackets and sweaters. Experiencing seasons is something very new to me, and I have to say that now I know what the big fuss is about. People who go through hard winters begin to come out of their caves and jump with excitement at the sight of sun rays. Spring has always been my favorite but now I enjoy it even more. I wanted to wear something that reminded me of the states, but I did get a few stares with this outfit, not many people dress like some type of cowboy here, that is not to say that Germans love country music, but they just shy away from the look. I had to show them how we do it back home, at least that's what I tell myself, an excuse to wear my beloved cowboy boots. 
Hope you like a little flipagram video I made of what used to be my childhood favorite past time, blowing out dandelions.
|WEARING| Forever 21 Chambray shirt (old) x Bracelets, Fedora via a Venice Beach shop, Bershka Ripped Jeans, Asos Faux Fur Clutch  (on sale), Zara Western Boots (old)

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Bright like Spring

Spring and summer are the best times to wear mirrored sunnies, a trend that doesn't seem to be going anywhere anytime soon. I have gathered what I find to be the coolest pairs for you to wear this season, I have to say I would like them all. I selected the Blue x Orange lenses as I find them to be the ones that stand out the best, but any mirrored sunnies will do the trick of brightening up your look. 

Wildfox CoutureClassic Fox Deluxe
Matthew WilliamsonYellow Oversized
Les SpecsCheshire Round Frame
Italia IndependentI - V
Quay CharlieQuay Charlie
IllestevaWhite Chapel Cat Eye