J A R R I T O S Saturday

10 March, 2017

J A R R I T O S Saturday

As a new mom, getting on a schedule of any sort has been a struggle, at least for me. I think the major problem is that I am currently a stay at home mom as they call it, therefore, the only schedule I have managed to master is the feeding and sleeping schedule of #babyOlivia, but slowly I am working on getting my thing together and working on my creative mojo. I am also, crawling out the new parent cloud that every new parent goes through for the first two months, more on that on another post. Plus, I know that most people now a days don't really check blogs anymore, so that makes anyone feel uninspired, you want to know that people will take the time to come to your blog to see what you have to say, after all, it takes a lot of effort to work on one particular post, but even with that knew reality, I get nostalgic and so I still come back. 

Anyway, this post was an impromptu one, as so it seems to be the new case for me. This look was worn for my mama's birthday breakfast at Cracker Barrel in Homestead, every time I am in Homestead, which is not often, I make it a point to go to my go to Mexican supermarket and stock up on all sorts of goodies, which I posted on my IG stories the day I was there, that includes the never to miss Jarritos Mexican soda that I love, the only soda I will drink, because I am a strictly water kinda girl. What is your choice of drink on the daily?

Side note, I am currently obsessed with kimonos, like this Forever 21 that I am wearing, but I want this ONE as well.

| WEARING | Forever 21 Longline Kimono x Ribbed Tank Top, Prada Sunnies, Mango Drop Earrings, H&M High Waisted Jeans, Asos Silver Mules

The Rebound Look

28 December, 2016

The Rebound Look

I call this the rebound look because I am back to my old self and I couldn't be happier, don't get me wrong, I enjoyed being pregnant for most of the time but on occasion I would have my days where I felt desperate to give birth, so I can hold my baby girl in my arms and fit into my regular jean, what pregnant girl doesn't dream of that, am I right? Not only do you want to fit into your old jeans, you also want to fit into any regular shoe, even more so one with some heel on it, because towards the end of your pregnancy you end up having just one pair of shoe that fit your swollen feet. Luckily for me, I found these leopard print beauties through Octer, a new site that has many of our favorite brands in one place. If you are like me and love to browse the Internet for what is new and fresh but hate to be going from one website to the next, then Octer is for you, they make it easy to find exactly what you were looking for right in one place. I found so many things I wanted but I ended up settling for this pair of heels because I knew they had the right amount of sexy but still comfy enough to keep me from hitting the floor, after all, 9 months have passed since I wear any heels. 

P.s. I am so obsessed with my new bell sleeve top, I practically want to wear it in my sleep, yes crazy alert but hey give this mama a break, she is just happy to be wearing normal clothes.

| WEARING | & Other Stories Circular Flounce Satin Top, Jenny Bird Coco Coin Drop Earrings , H&M High Waisted Skinny Jeans, Topshop Graduate Slingback Shoes via Octer

This post was created in collaboration with Octer, all opinions x content are my own.

Comfy Classic for Mini Babymoon

22 November, 2016

Comfy Classic for Mini Babymoon

If you follow me on IG you already know that the hubby and I had a mini babymoon, after telling him I wanted to attend a #WhatSheSaid panel discussion happening at the +W Fort Lauderdale Hotel, he thought why not make it a night stay out of it and have one last relaxing gateway before our sweet #babyOlivia arrives, this momma-to-be couldn't have been happier with that idea. Sharing a home with family is not always easy, you don't have as much privacy as you would in your own home and privacy for a couple is highly necessary, so this was a lovely retreat from that. Before the panel we ran down to the restaurant Steak 954 inside the hotel to catch breakfast before it was over. So happy we did, because I had the best french toast I have ever had, you need to try it. The panel was empowering and I got to meet the General Manager Anna who was so lovely, the legendary Patricia Field and my friend Annie Vazquez, where we got to catch up a bit after a few years of not seeing each other. The rest of the time I enjoyed the day with hubby walking around the boardwalk and Las Olas Boulevard, we had lunch, later we sat outside a cafe eating gelato and we people-watched, the weather was perfect, sunny yet with a smooth breeze. 

The next day, hubby set out for an early beach run while I stayed in bed for just a little longer. I then met him at a Starbucks down the street and had a casual breakfast. We came back to the room and got ourselves ready, hung out for a bit in the room to take in our ocean view, and then do one last walk by the beach, wearing the most comfy classic denim dress from Pink Blush, it was perfect for the weather, light and airy, the best part about this dress is that I can wear it long after I have give birth, I call that a win. I am excited to also wear my cardigan and silk robe, that they sent me, so comfy, and because I want you to be comfy too and Thanksgiving is in just two days, I wanted to find a way to say Thank you to my readers, so I along with Pink Blush will be giving away a giftcard worth $75 to one of you, all you have to do is go to my IG to find out how to enter. 

Good luck and Thank you for always coming to CSxE, I am so thankful for your time.