Shoe make me crazy

31 January, 2012

Get it?! as in {You} make me crazy! pretty dorky, I know but I had to go there because it has a double meaning. Ok on a serious note, I have searched endlessly to find out who makes the shoes on the first photo, I want them terribly. Lucite heel?! hello! nuff said.  If someone knows who makes these heels I will be forever thankful for that valuable piece of information. I know all of us girls no matter what we say we will always love shoes, there is no denying. I wanted to inspire you on this otherwise boring Tuesday with what I like to think of as "shoe envy." Just dream of the day you have shelves upon shelves filled with the prettiest of shoes...pretty sure Cinderella did too. I mostly cry of pain!

HAPPY Tuesday everyone!


images via: Marie Claire, Mod Human Vintage, Pinterest

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