|Pre-Wedding Week Series| A Wedding Guide To Save Your Mind

10 February, 2014

  The fourth installment of the Pre-Wedding Week series is all about saving you the headaches that come with planning a wedding, although I don't guarantee to cure them all, at least you will have less of them (I hope). I know I went through several headaches myself, seeing how I had to plan a wedding from a very far distance and not to mention no Internet...yea you heard right. I had to wait countless minutes for things to load, majority of the stuff I ordered where done via my iPhone at molasses Internet speeds, talk about a challenge. I did it, I survived and I want you to know that the most important thing is to hire help or get family and friends to assist you if you cannot what so ever afford a wedding planner/coordinator. I think I would have saved money, time and headaches if I would have hired someone, but I was on a small budget and I thought I would save lots of cash that way. I don't think we saved a lot by doing that move, in fact, we ended up spending double then what we wanted. I had some help though, that of my MOS and Bridesmaids, I am so grateful for each of them as they all took some part to create this day, some more than others, like my besties Cassandra and Katie and my two sister-in-laws (who I drove the craziest). So advice to you brides to be, do research on how much it will cost to hire professional help. 

Another major advice, stay true to what you solely desire, do not let others chime in on what you should do or what you need to have, etc. Some people may do it out of good will, because they love you but they fail to see that this is your day and you should have it your way, your vision and your style. Do not think you need to have all the trimmings of a traditional wedding, the more personal, the more you make it based on how you live your lives on the regular the more people will truly enjoy it. At the end of it all, you need to enjoy it, enjoy it till the very last second, that's all.

Hope this helps, share any thoughts or if you have any other questions, please ask, I would love to help.

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