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19 September, 2014

| ABOVE | Baba our Russian Babushka that traveled with us and often took selfies of herself documenting her experience. | BELOW | This was one of the adventures I was telling you about on yesterday's post, we had to take a car ferry to cross the river so that we can get to our hotel...we were so excited about this as you can tell. We even got to see a beautiful vintage car while waiting to hop on the ferry.
| ABOVE x BELOW | The breathtaking sites that we got to see up the road to our hotel.
| ABOVE | On our way to our hotel we got rerouted due to construction, and we took a very long road that freaked us out just a bit only because we were going through the mountains, but somehow we got to a part of the road that led us to a field filled with these adorable cows and we just had to stop. Lily had the idea of going into the property and asking the owners if we can get a closer look at the cows. | BELOW | Up the road we went and it lead us to a pure and genuine experience that we would have never imagined having, we made new friends with a wonderful family that gave us more than we asked for without any hesitation. Johanna who was there with her mother visiting her oma (grandmother in German) for the weekend was the one who welcomed us and had such a great time chatting with. Johanna's mom came out with their horses for us to take a look even offered us to take a ride, I jumped at the opportunity as I had not been on a horse since I was about 7 years old back when my uncle owned a few. 
| ABOVE | The families Westie, that I couldn't resist to snap a photo of, so adorable. | BELOW | With what now felt like our own oma, the sweetest lady and so welcoming and her granddaughter Johanna who we are now friends with on Instagram with. Side photos are of oma's fresh and delicious berry pie x a side order of left over berries for us to eat. This was on experience all of us will never forget, because as I said it was genuine, organic and so unexpected that it made it that much more special. Thank you Johanna and your family for welcoming us with open arms.
| ABOVE | A view from our hotel in the midst of the forest in Koblenz, we finally made it after hours of driving through mountains, we didn't know the hotel was in what felt like the middle of no where (another adventure) | BELOW | Next day, after a sort of rested night, we headed over to downtown Koblenz where we realized that we weren't as in the middle of no where as we thought because downtown was a few minutes away. Koblenz is such a charming city, but to be quite frank with you, almost every town/city I've visited in Germany has felt the same way, there is just always something that leaves me with a lasting impression. In 55 BC Julius Caesar's Roman troops reached the Rhine and built a bridge between Koblenz and Andernach, in 49 AD another bridge was built by the Romans, for which remains of it are still visible today. It was also one of the military posts established by Drusus (a Roman Politician and Commander) in around 8 BC. The city celebrated its 2000th anniversary in 1992.
| ABOVE | Liebfrauenkirche Church ( The Church of Our Beloved Lady) 
| ABOVE | After our tour of Koblenz we headed back down and stopped at my favorite little town known as Rudesheim, it is one of the most charming small towns in Germany. It is also home to the best waffles I have had thus far while in Europe. The first people to settle in the area were the Celts, then after the turn of the Christian Era it was settled by Ubii (a Germanic tribe) that lived there during the Julius Caesar era and formed an alliance with him to launch attacks across the river in 55 BC.  | BELOW | Walking the Niderwald Landscape Park atop the town and where you can get the most spectacular views of Rudesheim and the neighboring towns of the Rhine Valley, as well at a view of the Rhine river. 
| ABOVE | You know, being all cute and stuff, on a side note, on the left of me is one of my favorite Christmas stores that is open year round. | BELOW | So the story goes that our dear friend Lisi had heard of this sweet delicacy that you could only find in Germany (according to her source) and for which took days to figure out the name of the said sweet delicacy because she was under the impression they were called Zucawater (well that is how she was pronouncing it), we had no idea what the proper spelling of it was, so we just stuck with that name. She desperately searched, asked about a dozen people and would always come to a dead end, it wasn't until someone finally made out what she was saying and exclaimed "ah Zuckerwatte" and showed us where we could find it, turns out Zuckerwattes are cotton candy and not what Lisi was looking for, out spirits once again tumbled to the ground as we knew the annoying wonderful quest for this delicacy would continue. With the hopes of ever finding it, were beginning to dwindle, at last the Sweet gods up in the heavens shined a light and led us to the place where they were to be found. Behold the Baumstriezel as it is actually known as, and hails from Transylvania, Lisi was filled with happiness. The quest was over luckily for the rest of us that had to hear Lisi everyday go about it. 
| ABOVE | It was a Harley festival when we went and took forward to get into town because in Europe Harley's are a huge thing.
| ABOVE x BELOW | This was our "hope you enjoyed our journey" selfies, I especially loved our new hairdos in the last photo. 
This was a fun trip that I actually never had with friends before, so I was very blessed and lucky I was able to do this with them, ofcourse I was missing a few other friends I would have loved to have shared this with but it was a great time either way. I loved having my friends Lily and Lisi over and showing them around the place I call home for now. I was tired at the end of it all because I was the driver through out the whole trip but it was worth every yawn I made. I thought the best road trip to take my friends on was up through the Rhine Valley, an area of Germany famously known for its stunning views along the stretch of the road, for its charming towns and the endless fairy-tale like castles that hug the mountains and valleys, as well as vineyards and wine. It is truly a magical experience, because it makes you realize that all these fairy-tale stories of princesses and castles have had to come from places like these. If you are planning a trip to Germany, make time to visit this area, you will not regret it one bit. I can never get tired of the rows and rows of castles and can easily go every weekend if I could. Luckily for me, it is only a forty-five minute ride to Rudesheim. Thank you Lily, Lisi and Sandy for making this trip memorable and for adding to all the fun, till next time.

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