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22 October, 2015

Our first day at sea was wonderful and relaxing, we took it easy because we wanted to regain our energy from the eight hour drive from Frankfurt, Germany to Venice, Italy so that we could be nice and fresh for our first day of adventure the next day. 

Forward to next day and we arrive at Dubrovnik, Croatia, a place that only existed in my dreams and yet here it was live in all its lushes glory.

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How sick is this ship? I have a thing for pirates (laughing out loud), but more in a child imagination sort of way, not in the "I think they are hot" kind of way.

I love capture the essence of daily life where I go, something very special about that makes you remember just how different and wonderful we are.

I love old homes that give you that feeling of eeriness but at the same time curiosity. This particular home reminded me of Trunchbull's House, the mean character from the movie Matilda, what do you think? 

Dubrovnik has medieval influence, as you can see from its architecture and is considered among the best preserved medieval walled cities in the world. I can see why that is, the city gave me a sense of what it must have life been like during those times. I will dwell more on this in part two of our stop in this gorgeous city.

You know I couldn't go without capturing a door, as you know I have been in the process of collecting door images for a few years now for a wall that I will dedicate to them in my future home. This one probably is one of my favorites, mainly for its rich turquoise color and those brass lion head pieces.

The most amazing scenic views, that's what I promised you on my Instagram that I would show you in this post and here it is. I almost cried when I saw this, and I will tell you why. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of going to a place, it didn't matter where, just so long that it had big majestic cliffs overlooking the sea. For many years up until I was in my early twenties, I believed I was never going to see this with my own eyes, I went through a pretty low time in my life in my teenage years that left me a little bit scarred and not all positive, my parents had separated when I was nine, we went through pretty tough times, as my mother faced single parenthood. We grew up with very little money, even though my mother worked hard to never ever make us feel as so and always gave us just what we needed to survive. Any dreams of being able to travel to places like this was far off from my reality and only lived in my imaginations. 

I then was going through a lot of stress, both physically and mentally in my college years that also left me little room to be so cheerful and positive about the world. My husband and I, boyfriend at the time were paying for own college education, leaving us with little extra cash, so we didn't travel as much and that made me a little bit sad because I always wanted to explore the world. But my inner self, has always been so strong that no matter the tidal waves it faced, it always maintained its identity even when it seemed lost. Now I bring you to this moment in my life, where all those thoughts and memories of the impossible were no longer true, no longer living in my imagination, I was living it and I was experiencing it. At that very moment, I felt blessed and grateful for what felt like a beautiful gift from above, and that is why I almost cried. The moral of this long story, keep your dreams where you can see them and never let them go, because believe me, you can make them happen.

"I think water is God's tranquilizer, to be in it, to drink it, to look at it" | Diana Vreeland

This picture I captured for some reason made me want to keep looking at it, something about it, like it had a gravitational pull to it. I was thinking about it last night and a thought came to my mind and so I decided to give it a name:

Hopeful Lovers

Because that is what I see when I look at this picture, lovers from everywhere living their hopes of everlasting love locked against metal bars.

Simply and utterly stunning.

On our way to the Old Town.

 Thank you for always coming to see my travels and for reading my blog, next up is part two of this city stop.

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