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04 February, 2016

Odeur Studios

Dawid Tomaszewski

| Making Dreams Happen |


I'VR Isabel Vollrath

Xavi Reyes

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Ewa Herzog

Tulpen Design

Irene Luft 

Emre Erdemoglu

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Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Berlin was something I did not imagine going to this year, I had always considered it a goal to reach, but the timing had never worked out right for me in the previous years since I've been here. So when a out of the whim opportunity came my way, I took it and I had about two weeks to plan everything, so wasted no time. My good friend Sandy of Madly Addictive (check out her blog, filled tons of wanderlust x great travel tips) had several days off and wanted to do a girls trip, to keep the tradition as we did last year, I knew I wasn't going to be able to do a full on trip like we did last time, but when she mentioned she was going to be in Berlin during her time off to visit friends, I realized that she would sorta be there during MBFW Berlin, I took this opportunity to pitch the idea to the husband as a "business and research trip." I guess my pitch worked and so I immediately texted Sandy to let her know the good news and without too much persuasion she moved up her visit to Berlin a bit so that she can join me in all the fashion week fun. It all worked out so well and sometimes unexpected trips turn out to be better then if you had planned it weeks in advance. Getting Latina here...Lo que esta pa ti, nadie te lo quita! 

Going to MBFW Berlin was a big deal to me as I had always dreamed of going to any fashion week, and although I've done MBFW Swim Week Miami, it is a completely different experience. So being able to scratch this off the list feels pretty amazing, love being able to accomplish things I've always wanted to do. Now I have my eye on New York Fashion, which has been one of my biggest dreams, since I was a young girl. I remember sitting in front of the TV, nestled in a pink steel file cabinet all donated by family and our school in our one bedroom apartment when at the time, my mother was a single mom, and thinking to myself this has to be one of the most beautiful of experiences, I felt transported looking at the runway shows, mesmerized by the craftsmanship of the clothes, the models, the lights and the people in the front rows. So as others may take it for granted or not find it a big deal, to me, fulling childhood dreams that seemed so far away because of the circumstances at the time are a pretty big deal. When I do fulfill that dream, I will move on to my next dream, Paris Fashion Week, baby steps...baby steps.

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  1. Awesome shots girl! What an experience. And your hair is looking FIERE.

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