Brunch full of fun

25 October, 2011

On Sunday two gal pals and I headed over to the Design District where we ended up at no other than Michael's Genuine Food & Drink. I had wanted to step foot in that place, but never quite made it there. So when my friends told me that the first location fell through, I was delighted to know of our second choice. After a quick detour around the beautiful homes around the neighborhood, I arrived at 11:45am just in time to fuel up with delightful eats.

deviled eggs + mimosas = Divine 

 a lovely friend

 kimchi benedicts & wood roasted chicken salad sandwich

florida shrimp and grits

most anticipated: Hedy's assorted favorite childhood treats-Snickers and their goat's milk cheesecake

the low down:
  • Homemade feel to it and no wonder they use local ingredients to create these little masterpieces. 
  • Chef Michael and his team really put care and thought into each plate.
  • The deviled eggs were creamy and soft just as they should be and the mimosas were a welcome pick me up!
  •  My favorite plate ------ the kimchi benedict.
  • Composed of a toasted crumpet, poached eggs, crispy pork belly (the main star of the show), kimchi and kimchi hollandaise.
  • The crispy pork belly was to die for, I seriously would have had atleast 5 more, just to get my hands on that pork belly!
  • The kimchi pretty delicious too.
  • In case you are wondering what kimchi is, it is a spicy pickled cabbage and a national dish of Korea.
  • The wood roasted chicken salad sandwich was refreshing, while the florida shrimp and grits was saucy and savory. 
  • Most anticipated part of the brunch, le dessert!
  • homemade snickers bars, funny the waitress warned us that we would never want to have a regular snickers bar ever again...she was right!
  • The goat's milk cheesecake was not too sweet, so it's perfect for those not seeking a super indulgent dessert. The candid fennel gave the cheesecake that sweet touch and the crust was filled with spices which gave it a nice kick.
 Needless to say, three gals were indeed satisfied.

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