Life is a Breeze

06 March, 2018

Life is a Breeze 

Ladies, it has been a very long time since I last posted a look! the last two years of my life have been such a transforming one, one that has left me with little time and even less desire to post on the blog. It is also in part that most people don't even read blogs anymore, the likelihood that this even gets read is slim, but I feel nostalgic, so for that reason, I wanted to come back to my good old days, where I used to pour my thoughts to all of you, on daily stuff, life changing events, traveling experiences, new foodie spots I would get excited about and more. Those things are still happening but happening less on the blog and living more on my IG life. Which by the way, I changed my handle that I had since 2011, that is 7 years, it was hard to part with it, it meant so much, most people were against the change but I had to move forward in a new direction, because life is a breeze, right? you change, you move forward and follow the breeze. Feels nice to come back here again, hope to see you here, like the good ol'days.

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  1. I love this whole look. That hat is awesome. Wherever you decide to share I will follow along. Have a great day!


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