My Dream Birthday Wishlist

18 April, 2012

My Dream Birthday Wishlist

if money was no object this would be the gifts I would give to myself on my birthday in May, that's why is my "Dream" wishlist. If you take a look at the prices of some items they are a far reach for me, but I never rule anything out, may be one day. In the mean time I will continue to dream.

I had some difficulties with my original post of today, so I had to apologies. But enjoy this one, it's #eyecandy.


  1. You never know ;) Haha I love making dream lists too. Love this one, lots of things I'd like myself on it.

    1. I know, one day! and thanks for stopping by! hope to see you next wednesday! Xo

  2. Love everything! Specially the Gucci sandals, they are superb!


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