|Dining Out| OTC

22 February, 2013

i had seen this little spot open up and was curious to see what it was all about, as I am always when I see or hear of a new eatery. So I decided to look up OTC to see what kind of food they served, I was instantly excited to know that a place that serves American style comfort food was just around the corner of where I live. I made two attempts to go there before actually making, but I guess you can say the anticipation built an even more exciting experience - yes I get that excited to eat. The place is adorable just the way I love restaurants to be, the downside is the lack of space, but then again that is what makes it so charming. On Sunday's especially it gets pretty jammed with people, so good luck finding a place to sit, if you have patience than you will be ok or get there right when they open which is 11:30am to get a spot, don't go around noon, that is when it's the busiest. It is worth the wait though, I guarantee it, you will be drooling and wanting more of what you had. The bold flavors of each plate definitely are the showstoppers and the local ingredients and local beers make it all that more special. I have a feeling OTC is here to stay and I am delighted to have them as neighbors, "hey neighbors welcome to the hood".

What we ate:
Brunch plates: Breakfast Tacos (with delicious BBQ pulled pork) and Chicken & Waffles

Two must haves:
Since we only had two plates here, I say have them both. The Breakfast Tacos are divine, they come in three but I wanted five, the pulled pork is filled with so much flavor and the ingredients tasted so fresh (a good sign). The Chicken & Waffles is perfectly crispy, when you spread the maple butter and drizzle the syrup is a dish made in heaven.


  1. Yum! I've been wanting to go to OTC and try it out. The food looks delish :)

  2. The tacos look delicious!!
    I heard twice that this is a place I need to try ;)
    And now you're the third...so definitely adding it to my "must do" list ;)

    1. Yes you have to go, the food is delicious and fresh!

  3. I'm with Martha...those tacos look AMAZE. I'm a sucker for finely grated cheese.


Thanks for the love!