Eating House {pop-up restaurant}

09 July, 2012

the sign below the Cafe Ponce sign

yes I made it to the Eating House and boy were Kristin and I in for something phenomenal. My blogger friend Kristin from Living In Color Print and I arranged a date to discuss upcoming events such as MB Fashion Week Swim 13 and NYFW13 which like any fashion bloggers we are extremely excited about. But every conversation stopped when we received our delights, they were as good as heaven I am sure of it. Scroll to the end for the lowdown.

23 days left? noooo

the MENU

 "bk hash browns"

 cap' n crunch pancakes

maiz asado

the lowdown:
  • The Eating House sits in a corner on 8th and Ponce, come stacked with quarters for meter parking.
  • The ambiance is very relaxed and very friendly, my kind of place.
  • You wait about 25-30 minutes on an average, but oh so worth it.
  • The cap' n crunch pancakes were the star of the show, with all the sugar you can ever need. Condensed milk as the syrup? sure why not! and the cap' n crunch cereal as garnish? go for it! what more can you want....oh yea powdered sugar, thank you.
  • But let's not think because the pancakes were the star of the show and a kid's dream (and mine), that the rest of the plates were boring.
  • The "bk hash browns" are not your regular old hash browns...they look plain don't they? but boy when you put them in your mouth you realize just how good these little things are. Sprinkled with maldon salt and a side of coca-cola ketchup, yes please!
  • A bit of history: maldon salt named after a town in Essex, England has been cultivated since 500 BC and is a favorite among British chefs and those of the Eating House as we can see.
  • Continuing with my charade of consumption, we move on to the maiz asado (translation: roasted corn) was an unexpected surprise. We needed something salty after our pancakes and this settled our taste buds. Coated with cotija cheese (from Mexico) and sprinkled with fritos, yes you heard right fritos as in the corn chips. A genius idea, so so good...try them.
  • We did not want to see food after we were done, we were happily stuffed.
  • Overall, our experience was fantastic and the craftsmanship and love that goes into making every plate on the menu shows.
  • I can't wait to go for dinner for their tapas style menu.

Been there already? share your experience with me. Plan to go? let me know how it goes.

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