MBFWSwim Day 4

24 July, 2012

Red Carter show

my fourth day was very light, I didn't want to complicate myself with a packed schedule. It wasn't the best of days either way, it was pouring rain most of the day and I did not want to leave the comfort of my home. I spent about an hour in the W Hotel at the showrooms with my friend Annie and then we headed over to The Raleigh Hotel to check-in for the Red Carter swimwear show at the Cabana Grande tent. The show was great, the crowd went nuts when the feathered-up models came out. They were sure show stoppers, how they they still walked flawlessly I don't have the slightest clue. Between the shows I hung out at the MB Star Lounge, where there was small bites (that's what I was excited about) and drinks. Usually I don't have much time to eat during the madness and so getting to unwind felt good. I then headed over to the L Space swimwear show at the Cabana Grande tent, this show was at the top of my favorites. I loved the colors and designs of the three collections L Space showed.

I didn't make it to the last day of Miami Swim Week, I was pretty exhausted and just wanted to relax at home. Hope you have been keeping up with me on instagram and twitter for the live coverage I did through out the shows. It was a great experience and this rookie survived her first Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Swim week, until next year.

reminds me of a mermaid 

my favorite colors are black and white, so I am always inclined to love pieces with those two colors 

the feathered-up models I was talking about, they worked it 

Bright blue was a staple in almost every show 

end of Red Carter 

Red Carter and his model 

L Space show 

fringe tops are still the craze 

stunning cover-up

I was obsessed with those pants 

I had three favorite models from all the shows and Vanessa was one of them, she was stunning

beautiful high-waist piece 

I felt I was in a cloud with this piece 

fringe beauty and by the way the jewelry pieces that were used at the show were amazing 

Monica Wise and her model

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