Gigi Noodles

20 August, 2012

coconut curry chicken bun

as always I am one to be in a rush to try out a place that I hear about...this was no exception, except that I didn't go right away as I wanted. There are a million places I always want to go to and end up going to them months later either lack of time of fail to remember where it was I wanted to go. Gigi Noodles BBQ and Beer is a sweet little spot to grab a bite. See below for the lowdown.

mixed greens salad 

I am all about lighting and this one was pretty cool 

 short rib sandwich

steak chowfun 

fun art 

late night

the lowdown:
  • Gigi Noodles BBQ and Beer is located across from the Midtown shops in the Wynwood/Midtown area.
  • The restaurant is always jammed packed with locals and those taking the party to the streets.
  • Open until late, no wonder people stroll in at all hours of the night.
  • The restaurant is small and so there is a wait, but make no mistake it is worth the wait.
  • The restaurant was created by the co-creator of the Townhouse Hotel, Bond Street Sushi Lounge, Bardot, Buck 15, Sra Martinez, and Miss Yip Chinese cafe.
  • As you can tell by now the food is Asian-inspired and unpretentious.
  • Everything looked phenomenal, I wanted to try just about everything on the menu.
  • The buns are probably my favorite as they are the perfect meal after a long night of partying or shopping, because they are small and fun to eat.
  • I had the coconut curry chicken bun, I can taste the curry and once I put one of their spicy sauces all the flavors came alive. I could have had about three of them but I am trying so so hard to lay off of's not easy.
  • The mixed green salad was fresh, light but with enough dressing to make it tasty.
  • The short rib sandwich was another favorite it was so so so so good.With a kick of spice and that aged cheddar, who doesn't like cheese? it's a perfect combination of sweet and spicy.
  • The steak chowfun is actually a good meal to have after you've had one to many drinks because it is comforting, steamy and packed with flavor. The meat was tender, the noodles marinated in Hoisin Sauce and veal marrow, which is what gives it such a savory flavor.
  • Overall, a great spot to try out exciting new dishes and people watch.
  • Yes do go, I recommend it...although for some of you it may be a far drive, it is a cool spot to dine out. Either go there before going out to any of the lounges around the area or go after, when you have danced, laughed, drank the night away.


  1. everything looks so yummy! I'm definitely going now!

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