My turban farewell to Summer

15 August, 2012

 Turban: Gold Saturn (find it here)// Dress: Agua (via Bloomingdale's)// Sunnies: Vintage Ray-Ban Necklace: StyleTryst// Ring: Bar III// Bracelet: Juicy Couture// Shoes: Chinese Laundry 

Missed you will be relentless summer.
For thy breaths bring us color and thy rays bring us light,
Where skin meets thy sun and thy warmth makes us feel alive;
Persons come together to bask in thy delight,
For summers are for gathering around those that bring us sighs;
Young love devotes their triumph to thy weary days of summer,
Where they rush across the sunflowers to find a moment to gaze into each other’s eyes.
Missed you will be relentless summer for thee will not be here- tomorrow.
by Ana Ortuño
(dedicated to the wonderful Jeffrey, who is somewhere in the heavens reading my post and smiling. You see, he was a lover of poetry and a connoisseur of life)
yes, that was written by yours truly. I felt romantic all of a sudden, and yes for those who may not know I am indeed a helplessly hopelessly romantic. I've always loved writing, it is very therapeutic for me and its been years since I last wrote a poem so I am so proud of this little one right here. Moving on, I will miss the days where you can dress with a flowing maxi dress and a cool turban to catch your hair; But I certainly love fall dressing, because the color palettes are my absolute favorite. As summer is slowing closing the door on us, I am starting to think...what really is fall dressing for us here in Miami? you'll have to wait and see.


  1. Beautiful poem, lovely. You look just as beautiful.

  2. Beautiful...the poetry and you are both gorgeous.

  3. Yay!! Told ya I'd remember the name of your blog! It was so lovely meeting you the other night at the GAP event! Hope we'll see each other again soon! xx


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