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26 August, 2012

Argentinian goodies I picked up at Graziano's Market 

i love the small little things that make you happy, I bought those Argentinian treats a few days back and by now we only have two of the adorable umbrella-shaped chocolates (which by the way, could make for an adorable adornment on a gift or as part of a gift). In this house we love sweets, so I try to buy treats from time to time. Alfajores a favorite among South Americans are one of my favorite to enjoy, they come in different flavors, in different sizes and every country has their favorite way of dressing these delights. You should try them if you haven't already.

I noticed that today's post consists of varies hues of pink, it was unintentional but none the less it made it look cohesive.

To my Miami folks, hope you are all staying dry and safe as we wait for Tropical Storm Isaac to hit us with tons of rain. I know must of you are having parties...I see you. Regardless of how you spend it, stay safe.

new rings to add to my jewelry box: South Sun- real African Turquoise ring and Lydell NYC ring (via Loehmann's)

my favorite fruit combination - watermelon and banana 

and the adorable duster gifted by my mother-in-law- was she trying to tell me something?

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