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09 September, 2012

new perfume from the love
this week was great, a lot of things going on, starting with spending our Monday looking for a new couch. We found one that fit perfectly with out living room and it's white and leather, what I was looking for. I can't wait to get it and be one step closer to changing the mood of my home. On Thursday I co-hosted my first ever Fashion's Night Out at the Macy's in Aventura and it was so much fun, it was a great practice and I got to spend some time with other bloggers, more on that in tomorrow's post. Friday my love and I had a date night as it had been crazy during the week that we barely got a chance to talk. Saturday I spent some time with the bestie, godson and her two girls and later I met up with another close friend of mine as we wanted to have a girls day filled with lots of chatting and catching up. Today I had my love's family over for breakfast and I made the tastiest breakfast pizza (post to come soon) and we had a great time. I will have a relaxed evening awaiting the dreaded Monday.
Hope you all had a lovely week and weekend and may the upcoming week be filled with adventures and new finds.

sweet treats straight from Brazil

cachaca popular in Brazil 

a light and tasty lunch with while shopping for furniture 

yummy veggies from the farmer's market in South Miami

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  1. I just got a sample of the Jimmy Choo perfume and it's amazing!!
    I love it :)
    Enjoy wearing it!!


Thanks for the love!