Voting is CHIC

06 November, 2012

no matter what party you are affiliated with or what candidate you choose to vote for, the important thing is that you vote. Us young people have the power to change the course of our future and have the freedom to be outspoken about what we believe in. There are people around the world that do not get to exercises that right and cannot express their thoughts without the fear of punishment. So consider yourself lucky and be proud to live in a country that allows you to say what you feel, where what you want, go where ever you want and work in whatever you want.

Freedom is a beautiful thing so go out there and VOTE, encourage your family and friends. I for one had to encourage my significant other to stand in line after waiting five hours to vote, he wanted to leave the minute he got there and half way through the line but I reminded him how important it was and he stuck it out. We couldn't walk after that, the heels of our feet where in so much pain but it was worth it.

Happy Election Day!

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Share your experience of voting with me, leave me a comment would love to hear from you. Xo

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  1. I totally agree. I had to wait four hours but it was so worth it.


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