|Contest| Win a Trip to France with Pavan

25 January, 2013

Hello beautiful readers, I want to introduce you a fabulous and delicious little peacock that goes by the name of Pavan Liqueur. Yes that's right you heard right it's a new spirit that has just arrived to Miami from the stunning south of France. It's subtly sweet and has a bit of exotic orange blossom, sounds delicious doesn't it? I think so. The name Pavan comes from a classic French dance of the peacock. Looks beautiful, sounds delicious and comes from a stunning place, does it get better than that? yes it does...ready?
Pavan wants to bring you and a friend on a 4-day trip to France to explore Paris and the French Riviera! Oh I see your eyes wide open, now your listening...it's OK I won't take offense to that, I would do the same. But to get you there you have to help me help you, here is what you can do for me in return:
I am competing against five other smart and beautiful bloggers, you know just a friendly little competition for a chance to win a trip to New York for New York Fashion Week. The contest is called Pavan Hits Miami Style Mafia and in order for me to win you must do a few simple steps:
1. Like (if you haven't already) Pavan's Facebook page (You must have a Facebook Account to enter).
3. Click here, then click on "enter sweepstakes," complete the entry form and then vote for me Ana Ortuno. ( Limit one entry per person on Facebook).
4.. After submitting your entry on Facebook, you will have the option to earn one more entry by following Pavan on twitter (you must have a twitter account) and tweeting the following: "I just entered the Pavan Hits Miami Style Mafia Contest" with the hashtag #PavanMiamiStyle.
Voting will be opened from Friday, January 25th through Tuesday, January 29th, 2013.
So what are you waiting for, enter now and HELP me get to New York Fashion Week, it's only been my dream since I was in middle school...please make it happen, pretty please. Good luck and thank you for all of your support in advance.
Mailing List: By entering the Sweepstakes, you consent to being placed on Pavan's mailing list for promotional purposes. Don't worry, they won't bother you with a bunch of junk.
Disclosure of Material Connections: I have been compensated by Pavan Liqueur for making these statements regarding its products. All statements made by me regarding Pavan Liqueur represent my honest opinions based on my actual experience with the products.


Thanks for the love!