Let your hair run wild, let your mind be wild

16 January, 2013

Chambray shirt: Forever 21| Watch: Ted Baker (via Gilt)| Bracelet: Swarovski c/o| Bag: Vintage Gucci| Jeans: Zara| Shoes: Vintage YSL

let your hair run wild, let your mind be wild...is what I say. As I get older I become more uninhibited by the flaws I carry, in return it makes me feel wild and free. I remember in high school I was obsessed with keeping my hair under control, and would freak if any little hair would be out of place but now I have become less worried about how my hair is going to turn out than ever. Don't be mistaken I still have my moments but they have become less frequent and it's such a liberating feeling. This type of attitude can be applied to my life in general, which has got me thinking that it may be true that you are much more assured of yourself in your 30s. Although I am not 30 quite yet, it sure is knocking on my door already and I kinda like it. 

do you agree? does age have something to do with the way we feel? 



  1. Most definitely and certainly age has everything to do with it.... so relaxing a bit about your hair (and other things) is totally fine, I'm past the 30's line and life is so much happier when you let your mind run wild. Great post!


    1. Thank you Gissi, you are completely right! it is very liberating and happy to be reaching that point :)!



  2. I'm seriously considering chopping my hair like YOU.

  3. I'm definitely more OK with the flaws I have than I used to be. I have a saying that I've settled into, especially when it's about things beyond my control.. "it is, what it is, and I'm ok with that." Love your outfit. You look beautiful!! xo

  4. This is one of my favorite posts! ♡ it.


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