NYX Cosmetics at NYFW 2014 |for Chadwick Bell x Nicholas K|

20 September, 2013

If you followed this year's New York Fashion Week and have followed those before, you know that makeup and hair is just as important as the clothes walking down the runway, it sets the aesthetics of the Designer. Choosing the right style of makeup is crucial, because it can break or make the show's flow. NYX Cosmetics, one of my now favorite brands of affordable cosmetics hit the runway with two unbelievably cool designers, Chadwick Bell and Nicholas K. I say unbelievably cool because they both showcase this aura of coolness, both have futuristic styles, yet completely different at the same time, Chadwick Bell is more structured and sophisticated, while Nicholas K style is more tomboy cool. 

This year Chadwick Bell's Spring 2014 Ready-To-Wear collection was inspired by childhood, growing up in southern California, he drew inspiration from those tough girls of his youth, who now have evolved to strong, modern women. He played with saturated hues, like, nude tones of ivory, pale pinks, to royal blues and blacks. NYX Cosmetics Lead makeup artist Daniel Martin took the opportunity to create a playful look so to create a juxtaposition to the collection's refined and sophisticated clothing, as you can see on the first two photos. If you want to try the same look, just take a look at the makeup face chart for descriptions of the items used. For Nicholas K's Spring 2014 Ready-to-Wear collection, the inspiration came also from the brother-sister due's childhood roots, as they grew up in Arizona near an Apache reservation, where most of their time was spent outdoors. Their Spring collection drew inspiration from shamanism, a practice that is seen around the world and in Native American populations and one that I am very familiar with and obsessed with. So Daniel Martin, in collaboration with Chief Creative Director Cristina Bartolucci played with the muted, airy looks of the collections to give the models that "Modern Tribal Warrior" look, which they certainly achieved as you can see from the third and fourth photos. If you want to recreate the look, take a look at the Nicholas K makeup face chart for a list of products used for this show.

Hope you enjoyed this special post, which gives you an inside look on how lead makeup artists work together with designers to create the perfect look for their collection. NYX Cosmetics did a fantastic job to maintain the the aesthetic of both designers as well as the fluidity of both collections.

|PHOTOS courtesy of| NYX Cosmetics x John Parra for Getty Images

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