Buckled Life

17 September, 2013

Seasonal living is an acquired talent, and I am still trying to figure out the art of layering because this Miami girl knows very little of what it's like to live in places that have all seasons. See Miami only has one, HOT, that is the only thing we know and so layering is just silly vocabulary for us. The weather here in Frankfurt has been changing, leaving the hot summer days behind and seeing cold rainy, and overcast days ahead. It will certainly be an interesting change, one that I must adept to quickly or you will see a frozen Popsicle in front you. I am looking forward to it, slightly afraid, but mostly excited to see the changes and possibly see snow, it will be my first time. I was telling the hubby that this winter will be an exciting one, well because as mentioned it's my first real winter with snow and all, so the kid in me will be giddy. But the second and third and all those that will follow will not be as fun, but if all these people that live here can do it, so can I. By the way the beautiful building behind me is the Industrie und Handelskammer (IHK) Frankfurt am Main building, which is as we would know it as their Chamber of Commerce.  

On a side note, I am obsessed with my new shoes, I want to wear them all the time. 

|WEARING| Primark Jumper, Luv AJ Rainbow Collection rings in light pink x magenta (find here x here), Zara pants (past season), Pixie Market Bedford Buckle sandals (sold out, similar here, here x here)


  1. Great look! I really like those striped pants. I too use to live in Miami. It's nice to see the seasons change. I'm still in the south, though, so our winters aren't all that bad. Good luck experiencing your first "real" winter. People either love it or hate it! :)

  2. Ana,
    You'll do fine with the seasons :)
    I actually miss fall!!
    Kind of jealous that you'll be able to wear comfy sweaters, leather boots and fabulous pea coats.
    Here, it's still very hot and humid. Which makes seeing all that gorgeous Autumn fashion that much more frustrating ;)

  3. Layering is an art! You'll get it. Those shoes are indeed fly. Hope you are enjoying Germany!


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