|Splurge vs Save| Wedding Shoes

04 September, 2013

Looking for wedding shoes has been harder than I thought, just the same as I felt with selecting my wedding gown. I thought pre-planning era that the best part of wedding planning was gown and shoe shopping, mainly because I love them both just as equally, maybe shoes a bit more...they're more practical. I am extremely selective and I want exactly what I envision in my head, anything else is not worthwhile, but such things don't happen that way unless you have mountains of cash to throw; Otherwise, you are left with little choices. I want my wedding shoes to last way beyond the wedding day, because if I intend to splurge I want to be able to wear them even in my sleep. I have done a little collage for you to help me decide whether I should splurge or save on my wedding shoes, splurging will require me to do the following: Butter up my loved ones, cook everyday for the honey, be a street performer, wink uncontrollably at the salesperson and/or sale my soul. So now that you see the amount of work I am going to have to put in to get one of my dream shoes, what do you say? Splurge or save? 


  1. My friends couldn't believe the price I paid for the amount of expensive French lace that was on my dress! I love it and am so excited to walk down the aisle in a couple weeks!

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  3. I received tons of compliments on this dress. I am looking forward to wearing it again. Although I had to get alterations done this dress is worth it.

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