|PINK| the color for October

23 October, 2013

October, the month where women feel empowered and united, that's because in the states we not only save lives during this month, we celebrate the beauty and power of the woman, we wear pink, we walk and run miles, and the NFL tributes us by also wearing something pink, yes it's Breast Cancer Awareness month. This month is taken seriously by all women, because well we want to save our breasts, but most importantly save those women we love. So in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness month, I wore this pink beanie that I love, and hot pink sunnies to unite with the rest of my female counterparts. I've lost loved ones from cancer, and I don't want to keep loosing more, so the more awareness we create, the more we can come to a cure, as we all hope. On another note, my awesome friend and hairstylist Sandy Lee Alvarez did me up for these photos, she did such an amazing job, I couldn't stop staring at myself.  She also took my photos, so she has many trades up her sleeve.

Have you worn any pink this month?

|WEARING| H&M beanie x sunnies, Zara top (old, last seen here) x linen jeans (old, last seen here), Primark sweater, Jeffrey Campbell Midnight Cowgirl ankle boots via Pixie Market (on sale now, here) |MAKE-UP x HAIR by| Sandy Lee Artistry
|PHOTOS by| Sandy Lee Alvarez

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  1. Ana! You are looking FAB. For reals. And yes, I've been wearing loads of pink like a good girl.


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