|A Photo Journal Series| From The Passenger Seat

13 January, 2014

This is a new Photo Journal series called "From The Passenger Seat," which will document what we get to see when my husband and I take on road trips all across Europe. I wanted to start something like this because I always find that people get to see cool things along the way, which are rarely documented because well the main focus is the destination point. The first documented road trip is this one to Strasbourg, France which is two hours away from where we live. The road view is not as exciting, some things here and there that got me excited, some that I couldn't catch on my not so professional camera (a new year goal, to get me an SLR camera), like Deer frolicking, and a castle up on the mountains that I wish you could have seen. I love road trips because they allow me to relax, admire nature and delve on my thoughts. They also allow for more bonding time with those you are traveling with, which is a bonus because sometimes you don't get to talk about random things in your daily life. Road trips are almost like palate cleaners of the mind and soul. 

More to come of this series as we take on more road trips and find exciting things or beautiful scenery along the way. This series is intended mostly for my Instagram feed, so follow along live with hashtage #fromthepassengerseat, if you don't follow me yet, you can follow here.

What is your take on road trips?


  1. That's such a great idea, cannot wait to see more pics.


    1. Thank you pretty girl! and for stopping my my blog! more pics of this trip coming soon!


  2. The architecture is a amazing! Looks like the perfect place to get inspired and do some writing!


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