|Pre-Wedding Week Series| The Engagement Photos

05 February, 2014

The second installment of Pre-Wedding Week Series is the engagement photo session we did back in March, right before we left Miami. We had to do things fast before we left Miami so when we took our engagement photos we were already officially married by the court, it was only because we were moving overseas that we got married a year before our ceremony. We also had to rush to do our photos because our amazing photographer was very pregnant and would be unable to do anything in later weeks. I remember being a little overwhelmed because I was dealing with two major events in our lives, our wedding plans and our big move to Europe, so when it came down to picking a theme and location for our engagement session I wanted it to be relaxed and easy, and so I thought of the idea of shooting in our neighborhood, because we wanted to capture the essence of our everyday life, so that when we would look back at them we knew exactly where we were and what we were doing. 

We lived in Brickell an area that all Miami natives are familiar with, situated in the heart of Downtown Miami. So our everyday lives consisted of walking our dog, going to our two favorite Gelato shops, going for coffee, going for drinks or grabbing dinner at some of our favorite local restaurants within walking distance. That's how the theme of our engagement session unfolded and it was one of the most fun and easy-going part of our wedding planning. I will be so grateful for our photographer who was a trooper to face the humidity and heat of Miami as a pregnant woman to shoot our session. 

A tip I will give you, don't get to caught up with wanting things to look perfect, trust me I am a victim of that myself, but the more natural you make your theme the happier you will feel and that will translate through the photos. Pick a theme that will highlight who you both are as a couple and think of how you want to remember that moment in time.

Hope you enjoyed the photos, to see more of our engagement photos you can visit our photographer's Facebook page here

|PHOTOS by| Sasha de Almagro

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