|A Photo Journal Series: Chic Travels| A Valentine Weekend in Paris (Part I)

24 March, 2014

 | Above | About to enter the enchanting world of The Louvre | Below | These four photos of highly revered women, Venus de Milo, Aphrodite de Cnidus, Les Trois Graces (The Three Graces) and Hermaphrodite Endormi (Sleeping Hermaphrodite). They remind me of the beauty and sensual fascination we have always had with the female body as a whole. 
| Above | Grandiose Escalier Henri-II (Henri II stairs), which leads to the Salle Henri-II (Hall of Henri II) | Below | Probably my most delightful experience at the Louvre was during our tour of the Salle Henri-II where I got to marble at the most exquisite of jewels. I really was so mesmerized by each piece in display that I could have stayed in the antechamber for a few hours just starring at them and getting to know them a little better. Would the Louvre even miss a piece if I took one? (joking).
| Above x Below | A Tour of the Galerie d"Apollo (Apollo Gallery), much of this room suffered tragically from a fire in the 1661; Therefore, most of the room was rebuilt between 1661 and 1663. 
| Above x Below | More amazing jewels in the Apollo Gallery that I just wanted to take with me, I think they had a cash register (wink). 
| Above | A stunning masterpiece inside the Apollo Gallery, the finesse on the hands of these artists that created such breath-taking works is just beyond words, they are truly unforgettable. | Below | A shot taken through a window inside the Louvre of the main courtyard view where the Pyramide du Louvre (the Louvre Pyramid) sits. 
Ever since I could remember I had always wanted to go to Paris, but I mean who doesn't or who hasn't. It's one of those things that no matter how cliche they can be they are inevitably desirable. When we moved to Germany, I knew this was going to be one of my first stops, but convincing the husband was the other thing. He would have preferred to have gone elsewhere, but Valentine was coming and I knew this would be the best place to go, after all, it is the city of love. We drove to Paris, and boy did we learn it was a mistake we made, the traffic inside Paris is one of the worst, it took us a very long time to get to our hotel. Having said that, our first impression was not good at all, and my husband already a skeptic was not too thrilled. Everything changed when we settled in and we walked around the area we stayed in. The next day was just magical, that is all I am going to say, I truly felt in love and now understand why Paris is so beloved. I just know I most have lived here in a previous life during the 20s, I just know it. MAGICAL.

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