|A Photo Journal Series| From The Passenger Seat

18 March, 2014

Here is my second post of the series From the Passenger Seat, this time on the road was going to Paris (whoopi). I have to admit that most roads so far I have traveled in Europe have identical scenery, so I think I will minimize the amount of posts I do of this series so that I do not bore you, I will only post when I have seen something different and much more unique. Also, I don't own a professional camera so my photos are not the best of the best, when I do get my camera, I will be able to give you better and closer views of some of the castles and towns up the hills because they are stunning, but that I cannot capture it from my camera. Regardless, I find it fun and interesting to capture what I get to see on the road, mostly nature, which I don't mind because it places me in a relaxed state of mind. Here are some of the images that I captured from the passenger seat, I hope you enjoy them. 

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