|Natural Remedies| Nursing a Cold

19 March, 2014

| Ingredients |
Whisky or Rum

| How To |
1. Microwave (2 minutes) or boil water to the desire temperature
2. Fill cup with water, three quarters of the way 
3. Pour half a shot of whisky or rum
4. Pour 1 tbsp of honey
5. Squeeze one whole lime 
6. Stir and you are done 

| Directions |
Drink 1 in the morning and 1 at night
| Use|
Fresh squeezed orange juice or store bought (preferably organic)

| Directions |
Drink one cup at least 3 times a day
| Ingredients |
Lavender Essential Oil

| How To |
1. Place room temperature water into a small cup 
2. Pour 1-2 drops of Lavender oil 
3. Let the oil settle for a few seconds

| Directions | 
Gargle right before bed and after brushing teeth
(this way throat is at rest and allow to heal and kill germs)

Most despise the thought of getting sick, but those pesky little viruses don't know how to stay away, they want our body and they want it bad. To get rid of them the right way, you only have to follow three simple things and I guarantee those germs will be repelled. The best way to nurse a cold is really by giving your immune system the support it needs, not by suppressing the symptoms, that never is any good. Most over the counter medicine don't get rid of the virus, instead it will place a mask over it or suppress, which means the germs aren't being let out, they remain in your system. Consider why you get a runny nose, or the non-stop sneezing attack, those are germs being expelled from the body, that means your body is doing the work, to get the germs out, which is what it needs to do. So let the the cold run it's course naturally so that you build a strong immune system, and in return you will get sick less often. These natural remedies will do just that, help your immune system.

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