New Outlook x New Look

30 June, 2014

Hi there, it's been three weeks since I last post anything. The blog has been undergoing a change ever since and finally all the pieces are completed. I am ecstatic with the final product, I've been working with Fleur Glansbeek who has a shop via Etsy, in where she creates minimalist blog templates and sells them either pre-made or you can work with her to create a custom listing. I decided to go for a custom listing, only because I wanted bits and pieces of some of her pre-made templates with a few personal touches of my own. I've been wanting to redo my blog for so long but given that I was going back and forth with how I really wanted the blog to look like and having a hard time finding the right person to work with, let's just say it took a while. I found Fleur via my friend Jana's blog OJ AND CIGS, as I was scrolling through her blog one day, and I believe it was meant to be because I immediately fell in love with Fleur's minimalist style and I knew I wanted to work with her.

With this new look, I have now a new outlook of how I want to proceed with the blog. I know I have to really hustle a little more to bring more exciting content. Sometimes we just get in a rut that we cannot get out of, but I am out of the rut and this week you will get a few posts on my travels of Prague from back in May and next week you will also see some travel post along with outfit posts of my Girls Road Trip through Rhine Valley, Germany. 

Stay tuned. In the meantime, what do you think of my blog's new look?

| TEMPLATE Design by | Fleur Glansbeek

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