From the Passenger Seat

02 July, 2014

From the Passenger Seat, a view of the roads that led us to Prague from Frankfurt, this time the in-laws joined us on this road trip. My favorite photos I shot from the passenger seat was the fields of yellow flowers that sprouted every where around Germany during late Spring, they are much more beautiful in person than in photos. It made out journey so much brighter and happier, because who doesn't get happy when looking at fields of yellow flowers? I also have to say that I love the last photo, only because my baby Barney Stinson looks so adorable sleeping with his grandmother. Barney was so exhausted from all the walking he did with us during this trip, he slept most of the ride back home, he was a trooper. 

In case you have missed any of this series, you can take a look at them here, here and live on Instagram

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