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14 July, 2014

| ABOVE | The stunning St. Vitus Cathedral with it's Gothic Architecture is one of the most important churches in Prague | BELOW | The Italian Embassy (pictured at right) is so grand and impressive. 
| ABOVE | I have been collecting photography of doors for a few years now, and what is most exciting to me now is that I get to photograph and collect my own instead of purchasing them. These were a few of the doors tat I fell completely in love with and can't wait to print them and hang them on my wall. 
| ABOVE | The Prague Castle guards | BELOW | Barney and I taking a break by the stairs that lead to the castle, so much walking we had to pause for a few seconds. 
| ABOVE | Man with his accordion on the famous Charles Bridge, which crosses the Vltava River and built between the 14th and 15th century | BELOW | Prague Castle from the distance, which serves as the official residence and office of the President of the Czech Republic and has seated Kings of Bohemia, Holy Roman Emperors and Presidents of Czechoslovakia since the ninth century. Not to mention is considered the largest ancient castle in the world.
| ABOVE | Europe is famous for having street markets and this one is a permanent fixture with tons of local toys, fruits and souvenirs to fill the heart's of tourists | BELOW | A restaurant across from our hotel that had this old time feel to it.

Prague part II is here, although my plan was to have had it out last week. But after a last minute opportunity to go to Amsterdam came along I didn't get the chance to have this post out before my trip (more on Amsterdam soon, stay tuned). Prague is a beautiful city, with amazing architecture that will leave you dreaming in the clouds of what it most have been like through out the centuries in that city. I love history, and is the reason why I enjoy to travel so much, because every where I go, I go home with something new learnt. I get so giddy learning a piece of history from where ever I am, it makes me feel like a kid. I highly recommend you make a trip to Prague, and possibly linking it with Budapest, which is close by. I had a great time and look forward to possibly making a one day pit stop here again, just because I really want to see the Prague Castle up close, since that was the one thing we couldn't do. Up next this week, a look at my experience customizing my own fragrance in a small and local parfumerie. 

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