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11 August, 2014

| ABOVE x BELOW | Sandy x I's ultimate favorite summer cocktail - Hugo, a very popular cocktail in Germany. It is a very light and refreshing drink, much needed after a day of walking around downtown.
| ABOVE | Crispy Focaccia bread with Manchego cheese x figs | BELOW | Tortillas de Patatas (Spanish omelette).  
| ABOVE | Gambas al Ajillo (olive oil friend shrimp in garlic x parsley) | BELOW | Tuna Tartar slider
| BELOW | Tartita de Queso Fresco (cheesecake with violet flower ice cream), it was dangerously good.

Today's post is all about the awesomeness that is small plates, these style of eating is best known as tapas brought to you by the way of Spain. I have two tapas restaurants in Frankfurt that I love, Lamoraga one is one of them, with it's contemporary Spanish cuisine and it's super cool decor, it makes for a great happy hour location. Most restaurants in Frankfurt don't start to fill up until around 7 or 8 in the evening, because that is when they celebrate happy hour for some reason. My friend Sandy and I went a little too early, but it was perfect because we had the place to ourselves for a few minutes to snap some photos. The plates were carefully crafted by fifteen Spanish master chefs who handed the torch to the head chef Christian Heine, and it shows because the flavors are a delight (something that is very hard to say for the food in Germany in general), as they do not use too many spices or flavors. 

If you are ever in the Frankfurt area and are looking for a good spot for drinks and good food, this is a good choice. 

| PHOTOGRAPHY by | Sandy Lee x Myself

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