A Look Back | Two Thousand Fourteen |

31 December, 2014

Looking back at each year that passes by is both a feeling of happiness and nostalgia, because that is when you get to really take it all in. A year really does go at a blink of an eye, I remember when I was a child, time felt like an eternity, it just took a really long time. Do you remember anyone tell you as a child to slow down? that life as an adult will move quicker than you can say quick, and I know I would always disregard comments as such because I thought, no way that can't be. Fast-forward a few years and I realized it was no old folks tale, it was reality and it scared me. Scared me so much I went through a time that I felt really sad, because I didn't want time to pass, I wanted everything to stay still, the way it was just at that moment, but then I realized that's no way to live and I started enjoying every little second of my life. So the reason for all this is to tell you to look back in joy of all the things that you have accomplished, even if you didn't accomplish everything you wanted, I am sure you did heck of a lot of things, so feel happy, proud, accomplished and look forward to the new year because life is nothing but a box full of surprises.

I know I've had a heck of a year, it has been one I will remember for ever and ever, one that I know I will look forward to sharing with my children some day. This year, I've traveled more than I have ever traveled in my life, took one small step towards what I hope will be a bright future, was part of my dear friends wedding, went back home for Thanksgiving and was able to see my aunt, who I feared I wouldn't be able to see, due to her terminal cancer diagnosis, but with lots of positive thoughts, prayers and vibrations she is still here and kicked cancer in the ass...and that is what I consider a heck of year! 

Thank you for always coming back, for being part of my life, your compliments and your support, every year that I get to do this is one more year I am thankful for you. I wish you all a wonderful 2015, filled with love, adventure, success and tons and tons of laughter to keep you young. 

Happy New Year's Eve ! 


  1. Agreed. Time is slipping away all too quickly. happy New Year to you, sweet Ana!

    1. Thanks so much Maria! hope you are enjoying 2015 thus far!


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