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11 March, 2015

A Banana crate positioned in front of the hip Oosten Restaurant in Frankfurt. Oosten is an industrial area of Frankfurt and an interesting spot for cool eateries and hang outs. 

That's Oosten, the place where locals like to gather on the weekends, more so on Sundays for Brunch.

A beautiful tower perched on the other side of the river and for which I know nothing about. I searched the web to find what it was but my search was a fail. 

The most fun place in the area, where all the cool kids come and spend their time perfecting their skating x biking skills. 

That's the hubby rushing to get some food in his belly after he worked hard to get me those money shots.

Now that's the way you spend a sunny Sunday afternoon, because in Frankfurt sun is a rare experience.

A super duper cool VW Bug that I wish was mine, was spotted when we were heading back home.

A what looks like a pop-up cafe, so cute and the set-up was interesting. Definitely will be coming back to check out. 

Hope you enjoyed this brand new series, which will be showing up at random when I go to interesting areas around Frankfurt and elsewhere and capture them through the lens.

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