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15 September, 2015

Al Fresco lunch, like all Europeans love to do, and so do I. This happened to be a perfect day to come to Lake Como via Milan. We came just for the day, even with a late start we were able to enjoy some of this amazing lake side town.

Stunning Apartment Building behind the train station, I could so live at the very top penthouse with all those beautiful Roman statues. 

I found the Grand Budapest Hotel in Lake Como, I mean, don't you think it looks so much like it? it's either a private villa or a hotel (sigh).

Elli Stam, my Greek girl, fellow blogger and travel partner looking stunning.

Life in Lake Como seems to be a slow and relaxed paced one, most of the time, you find people either sitting at street side cafes or strolling around the boardwalk admiring all the beauty around them.

The scenery in Lake Como is gorgeous and extremely peaceful. Perfect for a short romantic getaway, as you do not need so much time here, unless your looking for an extended retreat, in that case, this place is the one.

I had to snap this adorable and extremely stylish couple who know how to do a day out, just right. Plus he reminds me of an Italian boss/my uncle.

The best part about Italy, I think, are the many old structures that ignite daydreams of the past.

I guess you can say I have a thing for elderly couples, more so when you find them enjoying each other's company. I also, love the depth of this picture.

Sweet life for this little duck or bird, he knows what he is doing.

I can so do this life of sitting around, reading, eating, and maybe some wine or a romantic picnic with a hot date, in my case my hot husband.

We did some strolling of our own, my travel partners looking so chic.

Oh you know, saluting my wine, isn't that what everyone does? especially when it's Italian wine.

Admiring all that my little eyes can see.

And I was happy to capture this gracious glacier of the Grigna mountains, I have a think for glaciers ever since I witnessed them up close and personal in my travels to Chile and Argentina a couple of years ago.

Again, thank you for stopping by to see my travels, hope you enjoyed my #travelphotography of Lake Como. Up next is the final recap of a Girls Trip to Italy, Milan.

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