Checkered in Milan

09 September, 2015

During my time in Milan, I forced had my friend Sandy be my photographer and capture my outfit of that day. I had a pretty interesting time posing for these, only because I chose this street as it was empty but at all of a sudden it became filled with people and well, I had to just go with it, but I think it played out well. Not only did it capture the essence of Italian life, it captured a Robert De Niro look-a-like to my left, that could have easily fooled me, because he was looking pretty darn cool, especially with his fabulous lady next to him.  What do you think? does the man look like De Niro or what? I mean, he even has that half smirk that De Niro is infamous for.

On a side note, this was one of my comfiest and funnest outfits I wore during my trip in Italy, those combat boots were my obsession.

| WEARING | H&M Checkered Coat (two seasons ago) x Infinity Scarf, The Limited Waist Belt (old), ASOS Leather Quilted Cross body Bag (Selling it in Depop here or Poshmark here), Zara Midi Dress x Combat Boots, The 2 Bandits Leo's Arrow Ring

| PHOTOS by | Sandy Lee

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