Power Outfit

08 December, 2015

Ever have an outfit that makes you feel confident the minute you put it on? I do, I have a few and they all range in styles but a pencil skirt, structured coat and heeled booties is at the top of my "power outfit" list. You can basically where this outfit to an interview, the office, an event, a show, dinner and if your a blogger just about anywhere because we get a free pass on wearing anything without feeling ridiculously overdressed. Since grade school days, I've been the overdressed kinda gal, because I always want to be prepared, when I say prepared I mean, prepared to run into your crush (now my husband, whoop whoop!) and looking on point. I think an outfit can change your mood instantly, so wearing what makes you feel strong yet comfortable should be key. It can empower you and give you that confident boost you need.

I always tend to look at women who are much older than I am, who look incredibly chic and cool, and I tell myself and those who care to listen, that one day that will be me. Women as such are empowering, they give me that drive to keep moving forward, to work hard, make my dreams happen and to never compromise my style because I should be able to wear what makes me feel comfortable, beautiful and powerful no matter what age I am. Society tells women all the time that certain styles are not for them, but I feel that so long it looks good on you and you like the way you look, no one should tell you what to wear. So to all those ladies out there of all ages who look amazing at all times and feel confident in their outfits, keep them coming because you are motivation to all of us. 

...and on that note, lets help empower women who want to achieve economic independence by providing them with professional attire and development tools so that they can thrive in the workforce and in life. Between today December 8th and tomorrow December 9th, I will be contributing 10% of all sales from my blog to Dress for Success, even better ShopStyle will match 100% of my contributions towards this wonderful non-profit organization. So shop my lists below, there is something for all budgets and help other women feel as confident as you! and check out other bloggers who are doing the same HERE.

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