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17 December, 2015

Alright girls now is your turn to thank me for picking out cool gifts for your guy and saving you some extra time. Some of the items can probably be found in store or they offer expedited shipping so your covered. I based this list off the things that my husband always is purchasing or wanting, so it is pretty close to what I think must guys would like to receive on Christmas day. These items are for the most part classics with a cool vibe to them, like that shirt jacket, or that beautiful razor, very James Bond. There is also a shaving kit, guys always need some of that, this one is pretty neat because of the little carry bag that it comes with, some classic yet modern shades are always popular with the dudes, a clean flask (win, win!), some wood-trimmed headphones (the wood is reclaimed so good for the environment), or a sick portable Bluetooth speaker with leather straps (that I want for myself, really!), a rope loop bottle opener (this gift is for anyone), or the ultimate waterproof rough ass hell Timberlands that never go out of style. Any of these gifts and your guy will have a pretty big smile, and we all know how hard it is to get some guys to smile. Shop the list below and scroll to the end to find all the items pictured.

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