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17 December, 2015

This is Oia, the most famous village of Santorini, because it is the most picturesque and where you can catch the best sunsets. Unfortunately for us, we were unable to see a sunset as we had to be back to the cruise ship before that. You can also have amazing views of the volcano of Paloa and Nea Kameni due to the location of the village, which is perched atop a massive cliff. Although, this village is considered to be more quite than other villages like Fira, it still has plenty of cafes, taverns and shops to keep you busy. 

This was one of my favorite spots, the views here were spectacular and we had that spot all to ourselves because it seemed like an abandon church, but not sure if it was.

Artists fell in love with this village so much that they settled here, therefore, you can find many galleries around town.

Probably my favorite shot of this trip, I don't know exactly why, but I think its that ferries wheel looking piece that attracts my eye so much.

I also love this one, but those who know me can guess why.

Oh hi! can I please replicate you for my future home?

The doggy decided to get up and take a peak.


Famous blue domes of the churches here in Oia.

Getting lost intentionally in the alley ways, I have a thing for them.

Ecru, a women and men's clothing store that carries Italian made goods.


My little eyes spot some olives!

Um, talk about a lunch with view.

Santorini may not be seen as a place with a lot of history, but in fact it does. The first humans on the island is said to set back in the Neolithic Period or the New Stone Age, which began at about 10,200 BC. The Minoan colony, however, are said to have been the most important for the island, they settled at around 3600 BC, but a big volcanic eruption in 1,500 BC diminished the colony. The eruption sank the center of Santorini and several earthquakes that followed destroyed so much of the island, changing it's geological structure. 

My favorite myth surrounding the island is that of Atlantis, the legendary mythical island that hosted a robust civilization. Many scientists and philosophers through time have argued that Santorini was the lost island of Atlantis, in part due to the Minoan civilization but no conclusions or evidence have ever been found that can support this myth. I can still dream that such is the truth, right?

As always, hope you enjoyed my travels, in case you missed part I of Santorini, see it HERE.

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