Court House Wedding Day Story

16 January, 2016

We got ready like any other day, I remember feeling uninterested in dressing up and if you know me you know that's a rare situation but I dressed semi decent and we walked out the door.  We had an appointment, so there was no time to spare. I had fallen in love with a building in Coral Gables, FL and I knew that one day I would be walking through those doors. That day had come, we get there and begin the search for the entrance, when we enter, I realize it looks a bit strange but I go about and tell someone what we were there for, the person then tells us we are in the wrong building. At first I was utterly disappointed, the cutest building that I thought was the Coral Gables Court House for so many years (yes go ahead and laugh) was not the one, it was a different building a few blocks away. We had minutes before our appointment time so we rushed in the car and I let out a laugh, we both start laughing and realize the mistake we had made. I was still sad about it but I let it go, we had no time to waste. We get to the actual court house and it's definitely not that adorable building I had confused it for, but whatever that didn't matter anymore. We walk in, take a seat and wait to be called to a window. We get called, the lady assisting us knew we were coming and knew who we were, we had made an appointment to just get the paperwork and get the details on what we needed to have prepared. We get everything we need and then she proceeds by asking us if we wanted to do it today, normally you need to also set a different appointment for that but since she knew us, she basically was "hooking us up," I look at my Danny in pure shock and we tell her that we didn't expect that so we would just do it another day, but a few seconds later He decides to change his mind and I am a sucker so I agree.

Yup it was happening, we were getting married right there and then, unexpectedly and both dressed like bums. I always had the idea in my head of dressing like Carrie Bradshaw on her court wedding day all in white and looking ultra chic and our parents standing by, but you can't plan everything in life you just sometimes have to go with the flow and take it all in as it is, because there is also beauty in moments like this. I know we both will always remember that day, we have a photo to remind us but we will keep that just for ourselves and our children. 

Three years ago today, I married my high school crush, my best friend, my love.

And so every time I look down at this beautiful ring, it's like a treasure box filled with some of my most prized memories of our love, including this one, of which, I one day look forward in passing on to my children, their children and on. I always dreamed of a family heirloom, now I have my own to pass down, one carrying a transcendent love story. 

Would love to hear your stories, were they as crazy as this or were they what you always had envisioned?


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