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07 February, 2016

Every year, every guy and girl goes crazy thinking of what to get their lover for this overly advertised made-up holiday. I am a sucker for this made-up holiday, I have always loved Valentine's Day, even pre-dating and married life because well, I've always been a very hopeless romantic, the very cheesy kind and so I always try to celebrate it anyway I can. For the past two years, the #Bae and I have made it a ritual to go away somewhere, the first year we went to Paris and last year we were in Berlin. This year, we don't know if we will get the chance to get away due to his conflicting schedule but we certainly do something. I also, always get him something, even if it's something small. Two years ago, I got him the Mixed Made Bees Knees Spicy Honey and something else, which I can't remember, he was so excited for the honey as he is a big fan of spice. So this year I decided to get him the Threes Knees Spicy Trio (but shshhhh don't tell him), I can't wait to see his face! I think giving random unexpected gifts is the best, but adding something traditional is always nice too. 

So to help you ladies out, here are a few things that the #Bae approved will make guys happy.

Not on the list below

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