#BabyOlivia's Maternity Pictures

16 November, 2016

#BabyOlivia's Maternity Pictures

A month ago we spent the day with our dear friend and photographer +Sasha de Almagro capturing the wonder that is pregnancy, a magical miracle that happens in life. Hubby and I always prefer a simply way of capturing our major milestones, and since we both love nature, we knew we wanted to incorporate that into our session. We decided the day before as is our style, to go to a nearby park to start off the day, where Sasha was able to make us look like we were somewhere other than Miami. I seriously love all the park pictures, but I had to narrow it down for you guys. The day turned out to be perfect, in Miami you never know when you'll get rained on, but the weather gods were in our favor. 

The day was dewy, you could smell the moister still settled on the tree leaves, sun rays were beginning to hit our skins and the park was desolated except from the critters that call it their home. We had the park to ourselves for a good amount of time, undisturbed from pedestrian life. Once we were able to capture enough pictures, we then drove back home where Sasha did an at home session as well, to just capture the very real life of where we will spend most of our time in, in our room. Some of you may not know but my in laws were kind to let us move in with them for the time being and they gave us their master bedroom, which turned out to be the best thing, since we got plenty of space for our own little area and a corner for our baby girl's nursery. It was during the time that Sasha x I were able to recreate a picture I had been wanting to take for so long, and that was the +Vogue maternity shoot of Emily Blunt that they did for an interview for the April 2014 issue, which I posted on my Instagram last night. It's the twelfth picture down, and not to toot my own horn but I loved the way it came out, we took it in the backyard against a beautiful overgrowth of leaves that my in laws actually had the landscaper remove the next day.

The best part of it all is that we were able to have our fur baby Barney with us, a few months back before we got news that we would be coming back to Miami, we thought we would do our session while visiting in July, which was the original plan and we were a bit sad that we wouldn't be able to have memories of this special moment with our first baby (yes we are those crazy dog parents), but it all worked out in the end and we couldn't be happier that he will forever be part of our pictures, after all he was part of our engagement pictures as well. Thank you Sasha for always making us feel comfortable and giving us such beautiful memories.

| PHOTOS by | Sasha de Almagro

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