| CHIC Eats | Fish Fridays with Rubio's

09 March, 2018

Fish Fridays

When you and your sis in law unintentionally come dressed the same, you celebrate with some tacos for #FishFridays at Rubio's Coastal Grill, because I can't live without the Mango Wild Mahi Mahi taco, so good and spicy like I like it! Their new Wild Argentinian Red Shrimp taco is equally just as delicious. Honestly, I'm just #oFishallyObsessed, their seafood is so fresh that I go just to eat that, plus, it's perfect for those of you observing Lent season, you won't feel guilty eating delicious seafood tacos, am I right?

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Thank you to Rubio's Coastal Grill for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.

Life is a Breeze

06 March, 2018

Life is a Breeze 

Ladies, it has been a very long time since I last posted a look! the last two years of my life have been such a transforming one, one that has left me with little time and even less desire to post on the blog. It is also in part that most people don't even read blogs anymore, the likelihood that this even gets read is slim, but I feel nostalgic, so for that reason, I wanted to come back to my good old days, where I used to pour my thoughts to all of you, on daily stuff, life changing events, traveling experiences, new foodie spots I would get excited about and more. Those things are still happening but happening less on the blog and living more on my IG life. Which by the way, I changed my handle that I had since 2011, that is 7 years, it was hard to part with it, it meant so much, most people were against the change but I had to move forward in a new direction, because life is a breeze, right? you change, you move forward and follow the breeze. Feels nice to come back here again, hope to see you here, like the good ol'days.

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| CHIC Eats | Rubio's on Taco Tuesdays

26 October, 2017

Rubio's on Taco Tuesdays

Guys, we all know how much we all love Taco Tuesdays, for me, it might as well be Taco everyday, but to stay in with the popular hashtag, lets just keep it as Taco Tuesdays. I grew up eating very flavorful foods, which consisted of tacos as well, so Mexican food has always been a very present thing there is not a given moment in my life that I've gone with out eating some form of Mexican inspired foods, even when I lived in Germany, I would do it at home. So when I was invited to try out Rubio's Coastal Grill, I jumped at the chance, it would have been silly to pass it down. I decided to make a sister day and invited my little sis along for the taco fun, I met up with her at the Shops at Midtown to check out the Rubio's that opened not that long ago, they have a few other locations in South Florida, one close to my home in Fort Lauderdale.  Anyway, as we arrived, I already knew what I wanted to have, I had to try their seasonal langostino lobster taco that is drizzled in basil butter, yup butter...nom! but being the seafood lover I am, I didn't stop there, I got a mango wild grouper taco and a gourmet shrimp taco, which, were equally as amazing. I was impressed by the quality and freshness of the ingredients, everything just felt so fresh, clean and crisp if that makes any sense, and that to me is what keeps me coming back.

What I love most about Rubio's is that they care about the environment, something that has been an important part in my life, especially lately, have been trying to make more conscious efforts to help the environment by the daily choices I make, and I felt so happy to know that at Rubio's they do the same, their restaurants and supplies are sustainable, and eco-friendly, as well as their seafood, which is responsibly sourced, and no hormone meats, how can you even feel bad about eating anything there? I had zero guilt ,when you can feel good about eating something good for you and good for the environment, it's a definite win for me. Sister, baby Olivia, Barney and I couldn't have had a better time having tacos, burritos, Mexican sodas, some laughs, and people watching. We later took a stroll around to burn out the calories, but gained it back when we had gelato, who was counting though? it was a good sister day, plus baby Olivia and Barney were able to come along. I enjoyed it so much, I brought the husband the next day to try it out, at the Fort Lauderdale location, and was just as satisfied.

If you guys want to have an awesome sauce day eating tacos, well you are in luck because if you click here, you'll get a free taco, FREE! go and enjoy it, trust, you won't regret the calories and let's just say, you'll be #oFISHallyObsessed like I am.

#TacoTuesdays ya'll.

Thank you to Rubio's Coastal Grill for sponsoring this post, all opinions are my own.