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11 March, 2012

chocolate french toasts from GreenStreet Cafe

This week was filled with fun activities by Saturday I was already exhausted but I can't complain life is good! I spent all day Saturday lounging and relaxing, maybe too much relaxation. None the less I feel rested today and I look forward to another hectic week with a few events here and there. I must say everyone gets busy in June, why you ask?! because half of the people I know where burn in March and the amount of birthdays I have had to celebrate has been insane. How about we spread out our love to other months, let me have a rest please...me kidding, or not! Hope you had a successful week/end and that your provisions were nice, warm and enjoyable.

happy with my new ASOS necklace
sucky photo, but there is fiesta on my arm!
yet another sucky photo of a delicious burger and fries with a little ketchup and tobacco sauce from Burgers and Beer Joint
{sigh} my new Karen Walker sunnies


  1. I like the necklace!



  2. Love your blog, I'm also a Miami blogger! Look forward to reading more :)



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