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18 March, 2012

at the Lucky Clover for some early St. Patty's day festivities

This was a semi-relaxed week and the weekend filled with fun activities. One of them being St. Patty's day block parties all over Brickell. I had a party later in the evening (well I had three celebrations happening at once) that yesterday and coming back home was a bit of a nightmare as the streets were crowded with green attired people. None the less it was fun and I love having parties all around me! what can I say I am a city girl. On a side note, I keep insisting on this...please do not get it on in June, too many birthdays in March!

Hope you enjoyed yourselves yesterday, may your bellies be filled with green beer! adios people.

my green-colored jeans

photo with my retro camera app of the Lucky Clover's block party

caramelized sea scallops from Seasons 52...

yes VERY bad for you, yet so good. Brings back childhood memories...doesn't?

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