Loko for Moloko

03 April, 2012

the menu

Midtown is adding some cool spots to eat/be seen/shop/lounge/etc and I couldn't be happier, I love that little place, more so because it has a Target! but really Midtown has opened up places that are worth checking out. One of them is Moloko Miami a coffee house with a kick. I was there just to stroll around with the beau (it was such a beautiful day) and see what new stuff had popped up and I am happy I ran into Moloko.

for all your tea/coffee needs

go chill on that sofa, you know you want to

sweet treats

love their library

yum, fruit flasher

my late lunch/dinner


they love doggies!

the lowdown:
  •  I tried the Classic Italian crepe with thin shaved cured prosciutto, sharp manchego, green olives, and olive oil.
  • The ingredients tasted fresh and it came with a side salad.
  • They have a variety of crepes, coffees, teas, and smoothies (called fruit flashers).
  • I had a fruit flasher made with Pome juice and all sorts of other fruits, like Banana and strawberries.
  • I could have had three fruit flashers, they were fantastic.
  • The beau had Cafe Con Leche (yes they serve that!) and he loved it as that is his fav.
  • The atmosphere is #hipmeetsbrains where you can relax and people watch or you can sink into your readings.
  •  The staff is friendly and they make you feel comfortable.
  • Overall, I was happy I got to try it out and I will def return for more crepes. This time I will try their Chunky Funky Monkey crepe.

Been there already? share what was your favorite crepe/coffee or whatever. Plan to go there, share your experience when you go, just leave me a msg down below.


  1. Ooh...I must check this place out. It's close to my pad.

  2. nice place ...and u made me hungry :S

  3. Artist Belaxis Buil designed, conceptualized and artistically developed the place. She also curated the art gallery. She ws the visionate behind Moloko!!! Miami loves this artist


Thanks for the love!