My Birthday Blues

09 May, 2012

Goodwill jacket (for $7)// Scandal top// Forever 21 undershirt// Style Tryst necklace// Bracelets: Mary Louise Designs, N&K Designs// Karen Walker sunnies// C. Madeleine's vintage wristlet (from the 3rd Annual Yard Sale)// Zara pants// Zara sandals

Wohoo for my birthday I will be celebrating my last 20's today {tears} but it's all good, there is plenty of fun to be had in the 30's right? they say women are at their prime in their 30's so I have to remind myself of that when next year roles around. I still don't feel my age too much but that's why they say age is just a number, let's party on people, let's party on. On another note, this outfit was the one I chose for the Fashion Bloggers Night Out (see post here) on April 25. I am in love with this ridiculous find from Goodwill, the color of the jacket makes me happy and has a cut that is current and not outdated even though the jacket hails from the 80's. I had not been to a Goodwill in a while, but the eagerness was revived when the girls from The Goodwill Project emerged and made me remember the thrill of the hunt. I am always down for a juicy thrifty find and when you find just the right thing you feel a rush...hence my pretty freaking cool wristlet I picked up at C. Madeleine's 3rd Annual Sale, it has been a hit with me and everyone that has lay their eyes on it. I want to sleep with it, and the other 3 bags I found at the yard sale. They are beyond elite (Katie, I borrowed your word) and I can't wait to show you how elite they are in upcoming posts. Till next time people, now on to the celebration of my last roaring 20's.


  1. Best wishes for you, Birthday girl! Hope it's awesome, just like YOU! Xoxo!

  2. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a fabulous day. Love the blue blazer, it's super cute.


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