She's my rock

12 May, 2012

My Mother circa 1990's

who doesn't love their mother, they are our rocks, the ones who give us strength, the ones who we grow up looking up to. This mother right above has been my inspiration for strength. We have been through many a things together, she has served as an example that struggles are just temporary, that all things have brighter futures. I love her and I am blessed to have her by my side to share all of my successes. To all the mothers out there, you all know that you rock our worlds and that you are what keeps us together. May Mother's day be as fabulous as you are so put down your aprons, put down the laundry basket, just put on your prettiest of shoes and go dance the day away because damnit you deserve it.

Happy Mother's Day.


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  1. Gosh she's gorgeous, you guys could be twins :)


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