Madewell Summer Styling Session

18 May, 2012

with leading lady Kasie of Madewell Lincoln Road 

what a night it was yesterday, it was so nice to get to spend some time with the Madewell team and a few other bloggers that made out last night. Bloggers love the opportunity to mingle and catch up on what we have been up to and Madewell at Lincol Road gave us the opportunity to do so over their signature cocktail, braids and macarons, what more can we need right? The Madewell team is so cordial, they make you feel right at home, plus they have rockin' style but what can you expect they work at Madewell. They had a very cool secret sale, where you had the chance to snatch up scarfs, colored chambray shirts, dresses and more. People starting swarming in at the later part of the evening and it was getting caliente in the store from all the movement, which is always a sign of a successful event. If you guys didn't have the chance to make it out last night, don't worry I have word that there will be others, so stay tuned. In the mean time here are a few snapshots of last night's accounts, oh and I can't wait to wear the metallic coated skinnes I got last night.

Check out my Facebook page here for a few extra photos from the event.

 Angeles Almuna and her adorable skirt (that I want for myself)

Lina from 11th Magazine's mommy at the Cutler Salon braid bar

Priscilla Codinach designer of Priscilla Jade Lingerie made an appearance after her red carpet event for the Men in Black premiere (no she didn't over dress, she had a premiere people)

Macarons from Epicure Market, who doesn't love macarons

I was obsessed with the gold champagne bottles, sexy
Priscilla Codinach, Kristin Clark from Living in Color Print, and myself 

 Remy Walker and Kevin O'Donnell from WORK Collective a pretty awesome new line of accessories coming this summer

Kasie and her arm fiesta, arm party, finger fiesta...however you want to call it, oh and her braids! 

Angeles Almuna, her friend Paola Leon (an Architect with a love for fashion), and myself

 need arm fiesta/arm party - here's your stop, I love all the vibrant colors

 a must have for this summer, loved this swimsuit

and lastly the pretty-rad Madewell Team - love these ladies, they rock!
Thank you ladies and Madewell for hosting the Summer Styling Session and look forward to more.


  1. I love it! So happy to see you all shine:)

  2. You look great, Angeles is so sweet and her style is so chic always love seeing her out. I wish I wasn't out of town or I totally would have stopped by as well.

    1. Thanks! and yes Angeles is very sweet and she has great style, she has unique pieces! there will be others so you won't miss out! ;)

  3. Looks like a great time, gotta make the next one :)

    1. Thanks Kiana! yes you do, next time you must come!


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